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Malaysian Red Mahseer Fish Facts

Aquarium Fish?
The Malaysian Red Mahseer is suited for an aquarium. However, this fish grows fast and will outgrow small tanks and medium size tanks. Be prepared to eventually buy a large tank (think 500 liters or 132 US Gallons – minimum)

Mine have grown from the size of my little finger to the size of my arm already! (In the wild, they grow even bigger)

Pond Fish?
This fish is an ideal pond fish. As mentioned, it grows large and no where will it grow larger than in a pond.

Fish Farming Potential?
This fish is known to taste good. They are extremely expensive as food fish, running more than 50 USD per kilogram at times (1kg = 2.2lbs).

There is definite potential as a food fish but is also a valuable fish in the aquarium fish pet trade where young specimens of the size of your little finger can be three or four times (or more) the cost of other fish of the same size.

There is definite fish farming potential for both food and as a pet for the Malaysian Red Mahseer.

This fish is a schooling river fish and is therefore an omnivore. They will readily eat fallen fruit in the wild as well as live shrimp and pellets. They are not predators in the sense of the usual definition i.e. no sharp teeth and aggressiveness but they will eat their share of anything smaller than themselves.

This fish can be bought, as mentioned before, around the size of your little finger. Larger specimens are also sold, size of a few fingers, size of your hand and possibly some the size of your arm.

They can grow quite large indeed, probably the length of your arm up to your shoulders or more.

A truly magnificent fish.

Food Eaten?
These guys eat floating pellets readily. sinking pellets are good too since their mouths are ‘downward pointing’ like the Koi. They will also eat live shrimp readily and really being an omnivore, anything that can fit their mouths will work.

Aquarium Fish Disease?
No particular disease seems to be prevalent in the Malaysian Red Mahseer. Sometimes there are scales that have come loose or fins that appear nibbled. Usually, some appropriate medication, ensuring enough food is available and closer scrutiny of water quality, fixes those things pretty fast.

Money Value?
These are prized food fish as well as aquarium fish. There is a certain strong beauty in their scales and in their color as well as just the general look of em.

These are valuable fish that can be worth hundreds of USD (maybe not thousands, at least not yet).

Aquarium Fish Compatibility?
The Malaysian Red Mahseer are generally compatible with fish of the same size. They are ideal community tropical fish and generally will not nip at or harass other fish of the same size. As a rule, you dont want to mix smaller fish with larger ones.

Common Fish Names?
Commonly known as ‘Kelah Merah’ in the Malay language.

‘Kelah’ – pronounced as ‘Ke’ as in the dog cur with a silent ‘r’, and ‘lah’ as in the ‘lu’ sound in the word ‘luck’where instead of the ‘ck’ sound’, replace it with a strong ‘h’ sound (throaty).

‘Merah’ – pronounced as ‘Me’ as in the month of ‘May’, and ‘rah’ as in the ‘ru’ sound in the word ‘run’ where instead of the ‘n’ sound’, replace it with a strong ‘h’ sound (throaty).

Freshwater or Saltwater?
Freshwater species.

Little known fact?
This fish eats fruits in the wild! (Thats right, fruit eating fish and you thought you were healthy! 🙂 )

An ideal bait when fishing for this fish would be Palm Oil fruit that has been left soaking overnight and so all the good oily stinky stuff has seeped out, ready to lure that huge Malaysian Red Mahseer to your rod and reel.


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